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 Allison Buffam 

Multimedia designer, screenwriter, reviews and more!


I'm Allison

I've been working with digital media from a young age, always scoring high in classes and ensuring my classmates got the help they need. Writing? Different story. I like to create worlds based around music. Mostly that new stuff that makes you think of retro-wave, Songs are colours to me and I want to paint your world. I believe the proper word for what I have is synesthesia. So, hopefully - using that, we can collaborate on something together. Video games have been a passion of mine for a long time. Am I good at it? Not really but I try anyway.

Digital Media expert with a knack at video games and love of films.


I do the following!


Scriptwriting (from monologues to TV)


Interactive multimedia design


Social media savvy and friendly

What People Say

Allison Buffam is one of the most unique students an instructor is likely to encounter during their career. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so self-directed, organized, or goal-oriented as regards bringing a successful outcome to a team. I suspect it’s an evolving leadership instinct and I love it.

Rick Kaulbars, ON

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Ottawa, ON


Tel: 613 875 2212     |     allisonbuffam@gmail.com

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